The Company

banca de negócios The Banca de Negócios Consultoria is an organization specialized in bringing closer, with discretion and professionalism, investors and sellers, creating a reliable environment for negotiations and realization of important contracts. Through Banca de Negócios Consultoria you can purchase or sell companies of different areas of activities, location and size. 

To act to facilitate to bring closer people with convergent objective, orientating them technically in the companies decisions to be taken, trying to minimize risks that can possibily occur.

To provide consulting services with all the dedication that the activity requires, in line with all the legal applicable aspects, making available to customers, all the information, variables, advantage and risks of its objectives.

To be recognized in the segment for the excellence of the quality of the services offered, in order to become reference in this activity to perpetuate the business.

To pursue results through work and only from work, guiding its activities based on ethical principles, credibility, impersonality, transparency and professional discretion.

banca de negócios banca de negócios banca de negócios

logomarca Our logotype
Our logotype is composed by two triangular symbols indicating the institutions, each one with its detachments (shades in blue). The institutions (triangles), come closer assuming forms that fits in ? an allusion to a negotiation process in which, the parties become closer and reaches an agreement.


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